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Love Our Vendors T-shirt Release

The Love Our Vendors Limited T-shirt is available for purchase now. Thanks to the great effort and support from Artist Big Sleeps and his team. Known as Mr Big Sleeps to everyone

that knows. He has a tremendous following in the Los Angeles Art community. Being from the same areas that these vendors sell in, he knew something had to be done to help put a stop to the crimes against street vendors.

Sleeps is making a huge effort to raise awareness of the serious danger our street-venders are in on a daily basis simply trying to work. This t-shirt was designed by Sleeps himself, some of his work can also be found in museums such as The Getty, which is world-wide. Printing the t-shirts came together was made possible by Manifest Studio Inc, whom are experienced, talented, and at the top of their industry. A big thank you to them for donating their time to make a difference.

You can always make a donation to assist Local Hearts Foundation in protecting, advocating, and taking care of our street-vendors at our website. Today, go to and purchase a t-shirt. Proceeds from the sales will go to a street-vendor fund to assist them with vending fees, ticketing, healthcare, and any other assistance they may require to work safely. We would like to give special thanks to everyone involved in making the t-shirt from design to shipment. Thank you for your support!

Thank you to the following team.

















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