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iphone iphone 6Q: VB6 VLookup returns only first result I have an excel sheet with 4 columns of data (columns 1-4) and 6 rows of data. I'm trying to use vlookup to search for a particular value in the first three columns, and then copy the corresponding data to the remaining three columns. I can get it to work using the vlookup formula, but only for the first result, and then I get an out of range error. If Len(testnum) > 0 Then Me.Month = vlookup(testnum,InRange("A:A"),2,False) End If It's probably something really obvious that I'm missing. Any ideas? A: Your row number is the problem. Since you only want to return the first result, the second parameter is ignored, and it is set to 1. Change it to 3: Me.Month = vlookup(testnum,InRange("A:A"),3,False) "Mama, what's a sandwich?" Laundry & Tips By Angela I’m just getting into the swing of washing, but my son (in toddler-age) and I both have very specific laundry ideas and they both involve the washing machine. When it comes to the laundry, I find that I’m very picky with what I use and what I don’t. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I used regular shampoo in my baby’s hair, or baking soda in his laundry. And so it is with much of our own laundry. I started to do some research about how to do laundry the best, and as a first step, I found this link at for washing laundry. * Use your regular washing soda * Don't use fabric softener in your child's laundry because he will just wear out the fabric softener and then you will have to wash it again. I’m currently working on building my laundry room with a smaller laundry sink, and I plan on adding some shelves and cabinets. This is the way I




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