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5th Annual Diamond and Turkeys

Thanks to the community's ongoing support, the Local Hearts Foundation 5th Annual Diamond and Turkeys event on Saturday November 21st was a huge success! We express our deepest gratitude to our sponsors and to those who support Local Hearts Foundation. As for every and all events, this absolutely would not be possible without you all. Thanks to your help we were able to distribute over 1200 whole turkeys, a few thousand dollars in warm winter clothing, hygiene/sanitation kits, and non-perishable food items to the most underserved areas of Long Beach and surrounding cities.

The majority of those we helped were elderly. Some arrived as early as 7am to make line and waited patiently as over 100 volunteers unloaded frozen turkey pallets. Even during the midst of a pandemic, ordinary people took initiative and joined together in giving back to those in need. For the community, by the community!

Photos courtesy of Local Hearts Foundation photographer Alex Sanchez

At Local Hearts Foundation we take the threat of coronavirus very seriously so we provided hand sanitizer and PPE for all volunteers and attendees. A million thanks and a huge shout out to Antiviral Station. Their team graciously donated our very own customized automatic hand sanitizer stands. Thank you so much for your contribution. For helping to ensure that we are all kept as safe and healthy as possible.

Thank you to our partner Nick Diamond for making another Diamond and Turkey event possible and for providing very much needed essentials to the community as always. Thank you to our sponsors Grizzly Grip Tape, Manny Pacquiao Foundation, Kind Soul Foundation, Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, Mr. Nice Guy, Foos Gone Wild, Trace 3, and Foster Farms. This year people need help more than ever. If not for you those children, families, individuals, and especially elderly, would not get the resources they need to get by.

We thank our good friend Christine Devine at Fox 11 News, and we also thank Signal Tribune for writing and sharing about this annual community event. Thank you both so much for your ongoing support and for all your contributions towards the community!

Most of all, thank you to an extremely, if not the most, vital part of Local Hearts Foundation: the volunteers! Thank you all for donating your time and stepping up to guarantee that we reach as many local hearts in need as we can. Volunteers are the backbone of Local Hearts Foundation and we could not continue the work we do without each and every volunteer.

We are so grateful to all those who continue to believe in us and the work we do. On behalf of the entire Local Hearts Foundation staff and team, we thank you and wish you a happy Thanksgiving and happy holidays!


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