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Power is Education : Local Hearts Foundation's Unforgettable Back-to-School Event 2023

The air was charged with excitement as Local Hearts Foundation hosted its annual back-to-school event, a day that brought joy, hope, and new beginnings to the community. With a heartwarming blend of charity, creativity, and camaraderie, the event made its mark as a true celebration of education and community spirit. This year, the foundation outdid itself by distributing 3,000 backpacks, offering a reptile petting area, bringing in 45 skilled barbers for haircuts, and adding vibrant face painting to the mix.

A Fresh Start: Backpacks and Beyond

As the sun dawned on the day of the event, the Local Hearts Foundation team was fueled by anticipation and dedication. A monumental task lay ahead: distributing 3,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to eager children ready to embark on another year of learning. The foundation's volunteers worked tirelessly, ensuring every child received a backpack that was not just a bag, but a symbol of potential, curiosity, and aspiration. All backpacks were filled with school supplies. The joy in the children's eyes as they received their backpacks was a testament to the impact of such a simple act of kindness.

From Scales to Smiles: The Reptile Petting Area thanks to Fatsoes Family Reptiles

Beyond backpacks, the event was transformed into an educational wonderland. A reptile petting area offered children the chance to get up close and personal with these fascinating creatures. From slithering snakes to gentle lizards, this hands-on experience was not only exciting but also educational, fostering an appreciation for the natural world and its diversity.

Trimming Success: Fresh Haircuts for a Confident Start, thanks to Letty's College.

Walking into the event, the sound of laughter and the buzz of clippers filled the air. The Local Hearts Foundation had partnered with 45 barbers who volunteered their time and talent to provide free haircuts for the children. These fresh looks weren't just about style – they symbolized confidence, self-esteem, and a positive attitude as the kids stepped into the school year ahead.

Colors of Creativity: Face Painting Fun

With faces adorned in vibrant colors and imaginative designs, the children embraced the creativity of the day. Face painting stations dotted the event area, allowing each child's unique personality to shine through. Thanks to Karen's face painting. A Heartfelt Thank You: Recognizing Our Supporters

None of this would have been possible without the generous support of individuals and companies who believe in the power of community and education. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the following organizations for their contributions:

  • Bombas: For providing 5,000 comfortable socks for the children.

  • LA Galaxy: For their continuous support and donation with backpacks

  • WSS: For a donation of 700 backpacks.

  • SRG: For their dedication to supporting the community.

  • Loaded Cafe: For their dedication to supporting the community.

  • Mexihanas: For their dedication to supporting the community.

  • Hoonigan: For their dedication to supporting the community.

  • Bored and Hungry: For their dedication to supporting the community.

  • Diamond Supply: For their valuable contributions to the event's success.

  • Port of Long Beach: For their partnership in community development.

  • Dirt Dog: For their dedication to supporting the community.

  • Gonzales Tax Insurance: For their dedication to supporting the community.

  • Hurley: For their commitment to creating a positive impact.

  • Kardashian–Jenner family: For their continuous support

  • Karen face Painting: For their continuous support.

  • Fatsoes family reptiles: For bringing the reptiles and education to the kids

  • Lettys College: For bringing 45 barbers to cut hair for the kids


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