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We are beyond thrilled to share our latest collaboration with world famous artist Trouble Andrew: the “Ice Cream” T-Shirt. He has been friends with Local Hearts Co-Founder Tito Rodriguez for over 10 years. Andrew being a fan of Tito’s music group The Pricks, and Tito a fan of Andrew’s art and music. Andrew is most known for his collaboration with Gucci: “Gucci Ghost.” The two kept in touch after first discovering each other’s creative work and have been supportive of one another’s careers ever since. 

After learning about what we’ve been doing to help out street vendors, Andrew wanted to do his part to give back and began working on this project. The time is finally here and we could not be more excited and appreciative! He is donating all proceeds from the “Ice Cream” T-Shirt to Local Hearts Foundation so we may continue our efforts and give back to the community. 

Due to the pandemic and other unforeseen circumstances that we have all been facing this past year, our usual events to appeal for funds were cancelled. We try being as innovative and imaginative as conceivable when it comes to new ideas. Collaborations (and raffles) like this are our ways to fundraise and bring awareness to street vendors, essential workers, and those living in the most under resourced communities of Los Angeles. Thank you very much Trevor for stepping up and making this possible.


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