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Local Hearts Foundation to give away 1 million face masks this 2021!

Local Hearts Foundation to give away 1 million face masks this 2021!

The pandemic has tremendously affected the lives of many people. Many are those who still cannot cope with these challenging times. Even if we insist on the notion that the pandemic has stopped the world from spinning, we cannot deny the fact that while we are experiencing this pandemic, our everyday needs are not suspended.

For the workers who take the risk of going outside their houses to earn money for survival and in service for the people – they cannot stop; otherwise, it is their world that will stop.

On a lighter note, while it is impossible to stop the world from spinning, it is greatly feasible to ease the burden of those people by providing their essentials.

The Local Hearts Foundation is one with the few who accepted the call to extend their hand to those who are in dire need. As part of their advocacy of slowing down the spread of the virus, they are set to distribute a million face masks this 2021 from the donation of Guru Nanda, a company with a magnanimous heart to give back to people.

The main objective of this project is to help the people who are highly affected by COVID-19. By reaching out to those communities, the face masks will be given to the frontliners and essential people who are working such as the police, fast food workers, fire fighters, street vendors, and bus drivers. They are also looking forward for possible collaborations with other organizations and volunteers who can help with these efforts.

This may sound like a small help at first glance; but in these trying times, face masks are now considered an essential and not a fashion statement. In fact, the greatest weapon against the virus is wearing a face mask. The foundation aims to provide at least an additional layer of security to their target beneficiaries while they are risking their lives working. After all, help, no matter how big or small, is still help. It is with the initiative of heeding the call that matters.

This project started with the donation organized by Jonathan Chia (@jonathanchia00) of @fwdfuture, a long-time friend of co-founder HJ Chong. Guru Nanda (@Gurunandaeo) pledged to donate 1 million face masks to Local Hearts Foundation that were shipped by B&H Transportation Logistics.

The donation was made possible by Terratori Technologies, a company that serves as a platform to match medical professionals and administrators to vetted equipment suppliers. The said company was founded in 2017 with the aim of fighting fraud and bringing stability in the market and is now heading to be the world’s leading database for emergency medical supplies and equipment.

This endeavor will not be possible without the help of those people who made this project a success! Sincerest gratitude is expressed to all the amazing people who worked behind this project!

True to its value, the Local Hearts Foundation is gearing towards a culture of love and prosperity through community outreach. The pandemic is not and will never become a hindrance for them to reach out and make a difference.

Please donate to Local Hearts Foundation by clicking the link here.


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