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Over 3,000 toys given to children in need at Diamond Christmas 2019

Over 3,000 Toys Given To Children In Need at Diamond Christmas 2019

Thanks to our incredible volunteers, sponsors, and donors, Local Hearts Foundation raised and distributed $50,000 worth of toys at our 9th annual Diamond Christmas event. It was a beautiful sight on the morning of Christmas Eve: people of all ages and of all backgrounds gathered to spread holiday joy. Volunteers arrived at 6am to set up, while children and families arrived just a few minutes afterwards to be the first in line. Before the event was to begin at 10am, the line had extended around two city blocks! While waiting, The Hood Santa walked the two blocks greeting each and every person, asking some children what toy they were on the lookout for, giving others high-fives. On account of the huge amount of help we received in the weeks leading up to the event, we raised and collected so many toys that children and individuals picked out two toys each! It was heartwarming to see the grins on everyone's faces as they looked through the piles of action figures, barbies, board games, and more. At the end of the toy line children had the choice of taking a photo with The Hood Santa, participating in arts and crafts, the giant slide jumper, or all three! We are extremely grateful to our friends, family, neighbors, sponsors, and volunteers who made our Christmas and helped make this event possible. We express our gratitude to Creative Flow Art, Puffy Delivery, as well as Parks and Recreation of Long Beach for their support. A very special thanks to Nick Diamond and the staff at Diamond Supply Co., as well as to our sponsors SOS Booking, the Pacquiao Foundation, and We The Children. We are extremely appreciative of your ongoing support and of those who have also offered their generous contributions. Thank you for believing in us and our mission: “Empowering Our Community One Heart at a Time.” We are thrilled and fortunate to have had yet another opportunity to give back to our community and neighboring cities. We could not have done this without you!


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