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Thank You for Buying Out Pedro

Thanks to the overwhelming amount of support we have received from the community, #BUYOUTPEDRO was a huge success! A million thanks to everyone who has shown support for Pedro, a hard working deaf street vendor. We aim to bring awareness to the deaf community and to our street vendors. People of color and/or individuals with disabilities are more susceptible to violence and attacks and are at risk every day. We wanted to show the world what an inspiration Pedro is to us and how he doesn't let anything stop him in providing for his family.

During down time at the event he shared with everyone several creative marketing ideas for furthering and expanding his personal business. Amongst other things he is also a graphic designer and video editor. Pedro's Ice Cream logo was created by Pedro himself and the business has been built from the ground up with the help of his parents starting at the age of 12. Not too long after arriving in the US from Oaxaca, Mexico. They provided snacks for him to sell at nearby parks, schools, and churches while growing up in Long Beach. Soon he began recycling bottles to buy more supplies and to also help clean up his hometown. He quickly became very popular amongst the community and is still very well known around town. It was so exciting to see people of all backgrounds and ages show support for yesterday’s movement. Especially those who were signing and conversing with Pedro in American Sign Language.

Photos by Local Hearts Foundation: Alex Sanchez

This absolutely would not have been possible without all of those who continue to believe in us and offer ongoing support. Thank you so much to everyone who shared this story and news on social media platforms. We are especially grateful to our partners Big Sleeps and Nick Diamond for always going above and beyond to help those in need. A very, very special thanks to ABC 7, Video Zilla Media, Estrella TV 62, LB Post, and La Opinion for sharing Pedro’s story and shedding light on this movement.

While we are all living through these extremely trying times, the pandemic has put an enormous strain on street vendors like Pedro since going out to make ends meet has also always meant putting their lives on the line. During our first meeting he wrote for us “Being a street vendor is hard because some days it is very hot and in the rainy days we cannot sell, also because it means risking your life, many of us street vendors get hurt from others, we dont hurt anyone we just survive by making a living day by day.” Thanks to all the incredible individuals who donated to his Go Fund Me we hope to alleviate some of the financial burden for Pedro and his family. Our goal is to help as many individuals in need whether they be part of the deaf community, a street vendor, an essential worker, or simply a local heart in need. Thank you again to everyone who helps make this happen.


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